CTX Short Range Feeders

A 7' and 8' rod for fishing on snake lakes, canals, drains and perfect for the margins at short range.

The CTX Short Range Feeders are available in lengths of 7’ and 8’ and as the name suggests have been designed where accuracy over short casts is essential. The 7’ comes into its own when fishing the pole line on the far bank of snake lakes and small commercials when high winds make fishing accurately very tricky with long poles. It’s also very useful on canals and small to fish across or when overhead trees mean using a longer rod is difficult.

The 8’ SR Feeder is great for ranges of 20 to 25 meters – a very productive line on many commercials. The shorter lengths of these rods mean better compression of the blank making accurate casting much easier to achieve especially with light bombs and feeders – indeed both the 7’ and 8’ make ideal bomb rods.

To cater for different species and applications these rods come with 2 carbon quivers with ratings of 2oz and 1oz and a glass quiver of ¾oz.


CTX SR Feeder 7’ 0.16 - 0.28 / 3lb - 10lb 10 - 40g
CTX SR Feeder 8’ 0.16 - 0.28 / 3lb - 10lb 10 - 40g


Model Q.Tips oz Rod g Code Reel Seat-Fuji Guides
CTX SR Feeder 7’ ¾ozG, 1C, 2C 114g MCTXSR7 VSS16 6+6+tip
CTX SR Feeder 8’ ¾ozG, 1C, 2C 114g MCTXSR7 VSS16 6+6+tip
G: Glass C: Carbon

CTX Short Range Feeders