CTX Feederlites

A lighter feeder rod for Bream, Skimmer and Silvers fishing up to the 60m mark

The CTX Feederlites are available in 10’, 11’ and 12’ and have been designed mainly for Bream, Skimmer and Silverfish. The blanks are lighter and slimmer than the Carp Feeders and come with lighter quiver tips for more delicate bite detection. 

The Feederlite 10' makes a great small river and canal rod as well as lake fishing up to around 40m. This comes with 3 quiver tips; ½oz glass, 1oz glass and 1oz carbon allowing for highly sensitive bite detection with winter silvers but also a carbon tip offering greater resistance for casting and combating river flows and lake tows.

The 11' version makes a great all-round tool for lakes and rivers with casts up to 50m and comes with quivers of ½oz glass, 1oz glass and 1 ½oz carbon, the heavier tip allowing longer casts and better suited to bream or when the odd carp may make an appearance.

The Feederlite 12' is perfect for casts up to 60m on lakes or for rivers with more flow. This comes with quiver tips of ½oz glass, 1oz carbon and 1½oz carbon.

Additional or replacement quiver tips are available in ½oz, ¾oz and 1oz glass and 1oz, 1½oz and 2oz carbon.

The action of these rods suits casting all feeders from small maggot feeders, cages and window feeders to smaller Hybrid and method feeders.

The handle is cork and EVA with a Fuji reel seat and anti-frap guides are fitted since the design is less prone to the reel line or shock leader catching the butt guide or any intermediate and causing a crack-off.


CTX Feederlite 10’ 0.16 - 0.25 / 3lb - 8lb 10 - 30g
CTX Feederlite 11’ 0.16 - 0.25 / 3lb - 8lb 10 - 30g
CTX Feederlite 12’ 0.16 - 0.25 / 3lb - 8lb 10 - 40g


Model Q.Tips oz Rod g Code Reel Seat-Fuji Guides
CTX Feederlite 10’ ½ozG, 1ozG, 1ozC 161g MCTXFL10 VSS16 7+5+tip
CTX Feederlite 11’ ½ozG, 1ozG, 1ozC 166g MCTXFL11 VSS16 9+5+tip
CTX Feederlite 12’ ½ozG, 1ozC, 1½ozC 182g MCTXFL12 VSS16 10+5+tip
C: Carbon G: Glass

CTX Feederlite