CTX Landing Net Handle

3 Section Japanese Carbon Handle

The CTX Combi Match Landing Net Handle comes in 3 sections – the top two fitted with 3/8th BSF threads. Made from the same Japanese carbon as the rod range means no compromise on quality producing an extremely strong yet light handle making it much easier to use. With all three sections fitted the handle reach is 4m allowing fish to be netted over bankside obstacles or marginal weed. The handle can also be used with either the top two sections with a length of 2.3m as a lighter handle suitable for smaller fish or speed fishing for F1’s or with the bottom two sections fitted where it becomes a power handle for bigger carp.

The lower handle section and joints feature textured paint to make holding with wet hands much more secure and for ease of shipping sections whilst the main part has Perduarable finish meaning no paint or lacquer so should last many years.

We also offer the CTX Match Landing Net Handle with just one 3/8th BSF thread on the top section to offer a more affordable alternative. This is slightly heavier but still made with high-quality Japanese carbon and featuring the CTX Bi-Axis tape on the butt section and Perdurable finish throughout.


Model Sections Lengths m Weight Code
CTX Combi Carp Match Handle 3 2.3/2.4/4.0 367g MXN43
CTX Standard Carp Match Handle 3 2.56/3.97 374g (one thread) MXN43S

CTX Landing Net Handle