Hi-'S' 330 Special

You asked we built it. A brand new 11' feeder rod that we think is the perfect all-rounder.

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Hi-'S' Carp Wagglers

Using ultra Low Resin Carbon in 40t with 1k woven butt sections these rods are extremely light yet strong.

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Hi-'S' Power Feeders

Designed for distance work on lakes for carp and silvers and for powerful rivers these rods can really cast yet still be efficient fish playing tools.

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Free Spirit Match Fishing


As the culmination of around 5 years of research and development work, we are pleased to announce details of our new ranges of match rods. These are available in the Hi-’S’ Range and the CTX range and include Carp Wagglers and Carp Feeders, Long Range Feeder rods, specific rods for F1 and Float rods for lake and river use.

We have unashamedly tried to be different. As well as using the Hi-’S’ and CTX carbons that are tried and tested we have also incorporated some very different designs and features.

With the Hi-’S’ we have gone for a radically abbreviated handle and with the option of a Cork build for traditionalists, and new Fuji design open-reel seat for additional feel right through the rod to the hand.

The Hi-’S’ feeder rods feature hollow carbon tips, made from the same material as the rod, that bend more naturally with the blank and being of hollow construction are more responsive. CTX rods feature hi-modulus 40t carbon so are light and well balanced and fitted with ‘A’ grade cork rear handles and Fuji reel seats but are affordable for the everyday angler.

Rob Wootton

”The Hi-‘S’ are my choice for long range feeder fishing at all the big waters I fish whether I’m targeting bream at somewhere like Ferry Meadows or carp at Boddington there’s a rod in the range to suit.

From my first waggle with the Hi-‘S’ range of Power Feeders I knew they were the rods for me. I love the powerful progressive action that aids casting a long way whilst also managing to be forgiving enough to avoid hook pulls. The hollow carbon tips are a big bonus for me as they definitely help reduce crack offs when casting long distances, a great addition especially when using braided lines.”

A rod to suit any occassion in our match range

Latest News

Mar 16, 2022

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Nov 14, 2020

Hi-‘S’ Feederlites are now available in 10’ and 12’ and the 11’ rods are back in stock. These rods have been designed for targeting bream and skimmers and for other silvers.


Feb 21, 2020

The new website for Free Spirit Match goes live, providing you with all the information on the match range of products.