Hi-‘S’ F1 Feeder

A perfect rod for those shy biting F1's and only 100g in weight, the perfect tool for winter.

The latest addition to the Hi-‘S’ range is the F1 feeder rods. Although designed predominantly for the shy biting F1 they also make great bomb rods. These rods are very light with sensitive quiver tips to detect even the slightest of movement when things get hard in the winter.

The Hi-‘S’ as you’d expect has an extremely slim and light blank with the whole rod weighing only 100g. This has hollow quiver tips of 0.75oz and 1oz made from the same material as the main rod so blend perfectly producing a very even curve for casting accurately and fish playing with even the lightest of main lines and hook links.

Offered with full cork and abbreviated build to suit individual tastes.

We are currently developing a range of lighter glass quiver tips especially to fit the F1 Feeder and Feederlites (same tip) that are suitable for roach and other silvers or for very shy biting F1’s. These will be available in the very near future.


Hi-'S' F1 Feeder 9' 0.14 - 0.25 / 2.5lb - 8lb 10g - 42g


Model Q.Tips oz Blank g Rod g Code Reel Seat-Fuji Guides
Hi-‘S’ F1 Feeder 9’ ½oz, ¾oz HC n/a 100g MHS9F1 TVSM16/B Z & ZL 7 + 6 +tip
Hi-‘S’ F1 Feeder 9’ ½oz, ¾oz HC n/a 104g MHS9F1C TVSM16/B Z & ZL 7 + 6 +tip
HC: Hollow Carbon

Hi-'S' Feeder Range Rod Features

Hi-'S' F1 Feeder