CTX Multi-Feeders

Available in 10’-12’ / 11’-13’ models

For those seeking versatile rods to suit different situations where you may be fishing a small commercial one week and then larger venue the following week we have designed the Multi-Feeders. These utilise the same high-quality carbons and fittings that are used on the rest of the CTX rods with the exception that the reel seat is one size larger to handle bigger reels for distance work. A plug in 2’ extension piece above the handle allows a quick change from short to longer-range or for when the rod tip is elevated on rivers.

Available in two models, the lighter 10’ to 12’ and the more extreme 11’ to 13’ model for larger lakes such as Ferry Meadow and also rivers these rods are also suitable for long-range commercial carp venues with extension fitted.

Furnished with Fuji VSS reel seats and ‘A’ Grade cork rear handle, EVA fore-grip and stainless steel collars and butt caps.


CTX Multi Feeder 10' - 12' 0.14 - 0.25 / 2.5lb - 8lb 10g - 45g
CTX Multi Feeder 11' - 13' 0.16 - 0.30 / 3lb - 12lb 20g - 60g


Model Q.Tips oz Rod g Code Reel Seat-Fuji Guides
CTX Multi-Feeder 10’-12’ 1G,1C,2C 169g/212g MCTXMF1012 VSS17 XOL+MKL 6 + 1 + 5 + tip
CTX Multi-Feeder 11’-13’ 1½C,2½C,3½C 192g/242g MCTXMF1113 VSS17 XOL+MKL 7 + 1 + 5 + tip
G: Glass C: Carbon

CTX Multi Feeders